What Does Your Super Hero Eat?

Ever wondered what your favorite Super Hero eats? We wish they were as well known as Popeye and his beloved canned spinach. Popeye's spinach is much healthier in comparison to even his pal, Whimpy, and his insatiable appetite of hamburgers. This focus on healthy food for Popeye is not the same for all comic book heroes, unfortunately. But there might be a few that surprise you listed below.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The easiest to remember is the Mutant Ninja Turtles as they always had pizza! Their "Say no to drugs and yes to pizza" campaign likely contributed a few extra pounds, even though the sentiment was on the right track. Kids everywhere, and Pizza Hut, rejoiced in their marketability to the younger generation. We would just have to change that to Gluten Free and less often :)

2. Superman

According to comic books, Superman's favorite food is hamburgers and his alter ego Clark Kent likes Beef Bourguignon with ketchup. Both can be made gluten free but aren't typically, and we really think Superman needs some super foods to keep him strong against kryptonite. However, we totally think he should consider gluten free hamburgers as gluten is our kryptonite.

3. Spiderman

You would think that being half spider would make this hero crave some Shoo Fly Pie, but apparently he can't get enough of his Aunt May's home cooking. Good thing his spidery metabolism has him burning up calories! We did find that he will eat a good NYC hot dog on the go also. 

4. The Hulk

The only time the Hulk has been seen eating, he was chomping down on chicken drumsticks, but we are betting he can eat whatever he wants. We see him as being a Paleo fan though, what do you think?

5. Wonder Woman

How wonderful that at least one of the super heroes is never shown eating anything we could call junk food! Diane, Wonder Woman's alter ego, is known to be a vegetarian, showing that healthy and super hero go together just fine. We are pretty sure her Amazon sisters are likely vegetarians too since they love all animals.

6. Thor

The god of thunder eats like a heavenly monarch should and so we would assume a diet heavy in roasted meats and veggies, raw fruits, with lots of wine and lager would be the norm. But as he melds with our American culture, he indulges in the finer things like Creamsicles? Well we have at least offered him a gluten free ice cream cookie, Julie's are our favorites!

7. Captain America

This monster of a physique and soldier who was super enhanced by the government and left to chill on ice for decades requires more than junk food. In Bon Appetit, they recorded an interview with the actor Steve Rogers, known as the original Captain, his favorite breakfast was eggs over easy, bacon, sausage, toast, milk, and O.J. The newest Captain America, Chris Evans, eats like a weight lifter with lots of protein shakes, supplements, and high protein diet. Our bet is his favorite treat though is Apple Pie.

8. Batman

A few references in comics allude to Batman wanting Nachos and Burritos. Could be because Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, and he gets tired of the posh fancy dinners and business luncheons he must attend? To keep his physique, we would assume he eats quite a few steaks and is also more the grain free type with a little caviar at a formal. Or maybe one day we will be surprised to see the batmobile at our local Chipotle, who knows?

9. Aquaman

Why, Fish and Chips of course. 

10. Flash

For his super metabolic rate to match his super fast speed, sugary pie seems like just the thing for a Super Hero like Flash. Our speculation is that a buffet would fit his bill for faster service than a waitress could ever provide.

We will leave the clean up for them to bicker about. 
What do you think your favorite Super Hero eats?


Tips for an Allergen Friendly Holiday

Are you ready for the Holidays? If it is your first gluten or allergen free holiday, please check out the many resources available online to help you through. We have made a list below to help guide you on your search:

  1. Pinterest - If you don't have an account, or are too young yet, get one through a parent or as a parent - It is a must! So many gluten free recipes are there and you can see the finished product. We also have a couple recipe sections to peruse What's For Dinner?
  2. Amazon - This site runs specials and helps you save money big time on bulk. Don't need a case? Ask a support group if they want to share them. Also, you can find dozens of allergy friendly cookbooks here.
  3. Coupons - Most companies have coupons on their sites and recipe sections. Like: Enjoy Life Foods,and Udi's Gluten Free.
  4. School - Suggest a non-food party or have an allergen free one catered by a local business that accommodates.
  5. Potluck Invites - Perhaps plan on showing later and enjoying company after everyone eats. You can also take enough to feed yourself or eat before attending. But, whatever you do, don't cheat! It's not worth it.
  6. Give someone or yourself an allergen free gift basket 
  7. Be kind to yourself - Don't take to heart mess ups while cooking or planning, because this is a learning process for everyone. And if someone tries to rain on your parade with callous remarks, try to focus on your better health instead of their lack of knowledge.
It is hard sometimes to be idyllic, but we are just glad you are healthier than you were, and growing healthier each day. The new year will bring new changes and it's getting better out there with every ounce of energy we give it.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

*Information on our site and shared by members of our support forums is not intended to be medical advice or to replace the relationship between a patient and his/her physician*